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Cheap Wedding Venues Ontario - Lots of couples have the experience of finding their dream wedding venue, only to learn that the venue costs more than their wedding budget allows. Below are seven suggestions that can help keep the price of your wedding location within your limits.

Low season weddings
The most common and most expensive season to hire a place for weddings is Springtime. You could really save some money by avoiding the peak wedding months. A wedding during wintertime can be cozy and save you significantly on venue costs.

Last-minute preparations
Not many couples realize that they can get a great discount on their wedding venue by making last-minute arrangements. Cancellations free up space at the last minute, and even in peak months several venues might have a day available. To book the space, places would normally offer 50% discounts at the last minute.

Pick a non-traditional day of the week
A wedding held on the middle of the week, even if Saturday is the most common day chosen for a wedding, can truly save you a lot of money. Even Fridays and Sundays are normally discounted at wedding places. Most guests find it easier to attend a Saturday wedding, but a midweek wedding could work well if your visitors could get the day off work.

Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue
Having a wedding reception and ceremony at only one location could also help. This not only saves money on the venue hire, but also saves on transportation and others like decors. Ask whether the location would waive the ceremony fee if you are holding your reception there.

Accommodation deals
Brush up on your negotiation skills. If you spend a certain amount on your wedding reception, several wedding venues could throw in a complimentary stay in the honeymoon suite. A venue discount may be negotiated if you assure a specific number of visitors will book accommodation there.

Negotiate with confidence
The place which you chose will profit from your wedding so make sure to ask for discounts and any additionals that are complimentary. If you begin negotiating at 20%, you may end up with a 10% discount. The best method to get what you would like is to always ask for more than you want. Be sure that the venue could meet your demands before you begin asking for deals. You will be in a stronger position to negotiate deals if you offer to pay a deposit that day.

Think about non-typical wedding places
A premium is usually charged by venues which are officially called 'wedding venues'. Then again, whichever location could be a wedding location. A restaurant can make a wonderful wedding venue. Ask the manager of your favorite restaurant whether you can negotiate exclusive use during an afternoon they are usually closed, or during an evening. A restaurant wedding venue would save you money, and offer an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.

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